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How God Made Shelties

God made little Shelties to brighten up our days.
He took a bit of Sunshine, Laughter, Love and Play
and rolled it in a sausage shape just right for a hug,
with bright eyes full of mischief set in their little mugs
with little paws a pattering to take them here and there
and a cold wet nose, but then he thought "Oh what about the hair"?
Shall I make it long and silky or wiry, that’s sweet
or make it harsh and double coated, yes that's it, that's neat!
And what about the color, how can I pick just one
shall it be black, red, white or brown? Or marble it for fun?
He pondered as he made the world all creatures great and small
and then the answer came to him "OF COURSE! I'll make them all!
So remember that a Sheltie is special from above
and his coat of many colors Is a sign of God's great Love.

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