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Schauergebnisse Sheltie IRA Bremen (CfBrH)
01.09.2018 ~ R: Peter George Bailey, GB ~ MZ 34, anw. 31
- ohne Gewähr. Falls Sie Fehler entdecken oder Ergänzungen haben, würden wir uns über eine Mail freuen.

VKR (1): 1) CACs-V, BV Ch. Moorwood Against All Odds
SHE 19807, *16.4.06, zw (Ch. GrandGables A Showy Fellow - Nigma Fudge)
JKR (3): V1) CACs-J, BJ Arona Tiki Owairaka
NHSB 3084530, *27.5.17, zw (Ch. Shelteam Linus On The Line – Ch. Romanoc Kiwi Made)
V2) Res.CACs-J Fairyglen Extra Smart Elvis
ZBrH SHE 25336, *7.5.17, zw (Immortal Hero Asketila - Fairyglen Bronwen)
V3) Valerik black Vauntie vom Ohmtalteufel
ZBrH SHE 25587, *22.11.17, tri (GrandGables The It Factor – Ch. Heavenley blue Halona vom Ohmtalteufel)
ZwKR (2): V1) CACs, Res.CACIB Shelteam Oh Boy
SE54907/2016, *20.10.16, zw (Ch. Memus Professor Higgins - Shelteam Ace Of Emerald)
V2) Res.CACs Fancy Fire The Sprightly Twinkle
NHSB 3064458, *24.11.16, zw (Memus Professor Higgins - Fancy Lady The Sprightly Twinkle)
ChKR (4): V1) CACs, CACIB, BOB Ch. Lundecock's Surprise Packet
NHSB 3086711, *26.8.15, zw (Ch. Limbunya Orion – Ch. Lythwood Summer Surprise)
V2) Res.CACs

Ch. Memus Professor Higgins
SE14998/2013, *8.2.13, zw (Ch. Lovesome Duke Of Dreamland - Memus Mumsiga Madeleine)

V3) Ch. Light My Fire Amoreno
DK 14611/2013, *9.5.13, zw (Ch. Quashee Operation Chaos – Ch. Guantanamera Amoreno)
V4) Ch. Earl of Empire Born to be happy
ZBrH SHE 24042, *26.4.14 (Japaro with Vescamontana - Golden Beauty Vesca Montana)
OKR (5): V1) CACs Babysocks Rock 'N' Roll Nilo
SE59257/2013, *10.11.13, blm (Ch. Lovesome Duke Of Dream-Land - Babysocks Nam Nam)
V2) Res.CACs Ironside van Tjariet
NHSB 3020818, *4.10.15, zw (Ch. Light My Fire Amoreno - Gwendoline van Tjariet)
V3) Lullaby For An Angel Des Lutins De Cassiopée
SSCD 3269, *28.7.15, zw (Ch. Gimme All Your Lovin' Des Lutins De Cassiopée - Jolie Frimousse Du Cap De La Coste)
SG4) Black Prince Of The Night Vesca Montana
ZBrH SHE 25117, *15.5.16, tri (Ch. Moorwood Caribbean Night Trophy - Golden Lady Vesca Montana)
VKH (1): 1) CACs-V Agility Jumper Black Caprice
ZBrH SHE 18208, *6.11.05, tri (Lovely Funny Gucci Model - Ch Agility Jumper Angelique)
JüKH (1): vv1) Mohnesee Dream To Bramautal
KCReg.AV01351801, *27.1.18, zw (Willowgarth Toffee Crisp - Lanteague Seed Pearl)
JKH (6): V1) CACs-J Farina Lady from Smokies Dreams
ZBrH SHE 25504, *23.8.17, zw (Ch. Xeon Lovesome - Janet De La Vallee Blance D'Oceanne)
V2) Res.CACs-J Arisco Aspen from Dangerous Dream
SSCD 3772, *16.9.17, blm (L'Ete Sera Latino Des Lutins De Cassiopée - Quilt Blue from Marmorea's Shelter)
V3) Annazobelle's Image of Love
DK 11064/2017, *28.5.17, zw (Sanscott Take A Chance On Me With Mohnesee – Ch. Mainland's Amber Rose)
V4) Ottilie vom Schloss Ramstedt
ZBrH SHE 25601, *21.11.17, zw (Ch. Say So Serenczas - Peppermint Patty vom Schloss Ramstedt)
V) Olga vom Schloss Ramstedt
ZBrH SHE 25599, *10.11.17, zw (Ch. Say So Serenczas - Peppermint Patty vom Schloss Ramstedt)
SG) Wild Thing from Marmorea's Shelter
NHSB 3102762, *1.11.17, blm (Ch. Blueprint from Marmorea's Shelter - Inly Black from Marmorea's Shelter)
ZwKH (3): V1) CACs, Res.CACIB Fancy Pearl The Sprightly Twinkle
NHSB 3064459, *24.11.16, zw (Memus Professor Higgins - Fancy Lady The Sprightly Twinkle)
V2) Res.CACs Annazobelle's Happy Ending
DK 03318/2017, *20.2.17, zw (Ch. Light My Fire Amoreno – Ch. Annabelle)
ChKH (2): V1) CACs Ch. Lovesome Surprise
DK16005/2014, *19.5.14, zw (Ch. Quashee Operation Chaos - Lovesome King's Rose)
V2) Res.CACs Ch. Sweet Melody The Sprightly Twinkle
NHSB 2973509, *15.7.14, zw (Ch. Stevlyn Coppersmith At Malaroc – Ch. Lady Melody The Srightly Twinkle)
OKH (6): V1) CACs, CACIB, BH Baby Blues Artemida Sheltie
ZBrH SHE25553, *23.3.16, zw (Ch. Hokus Pokus Magiczny Ogrod – Ch. Hermione Granger Lohrien)
V2) Res.CACs Arona Tiki Raumati
NHSB 3013528, *28.7.15, zw (Ch. Rannerdale Oliver Twist – Ch. Romanoc Kiwi Made)
V3) Janet De La Vallee Blance D'Oceanne
ZBrH SHE 25374, *3.7.14, zw (Ch. Hope All Is Well Des Romarins De Mayerling - Fanette De La Vallee Blance D’Oceanne)
V4) Enya of Enchanted Forest
SSCD2979, *3.11.15, zw (Night Vision von Solingen-Wald - Everloving Starpenny from Dangerous Dream)
SG) Black Pearls Paradise Black Magic Woman
SSCD 2926, *24.8.15, tri (Ch. Allpeachys Midnight Caller - Whose Baby from Shamrock River)
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